Everyone has a unique life experience that deserves to be remembered, captured with narrated photos in your Memories Book and passed down to future generations

The most valuable and important lessons we learn in life should be shared in your voice and preserved in a video memoir. It's easy to be interviewed and be the star.

Easy to do, High Value for your Family

About the Voices Carry MEMORIES BOOK

The Voices Carry Memories Book is a professionally produced digital and color printed book with you narrating you photos.  The printed version has your stories while the digital file plays your voice telling the stories.

You just select photos of your life experiences that you want to narrate.   We will prepare you for a virtual or zoom meeting to record your voice.  You can be interviewed from the comfort of your home. 

Alternatively, you can use our free mobile application to upload and narrate your photos.

The multimedia digital book has a play button so future descendants hear your voice and learn your values.  We professionally produce your personal memories book with your photos in your voice.  

The Voices Carry Memories Book Package Includes

One-hour interview session with a certified Legacy StoryKeeper.

Guidance on selecting your photos.

Preparing for the interview.

A color printed Memories Book with photos and captions.

A transcribed copy of your story.

Digital file you can share

Their recorded interview and voice preserved for future generations.

Multimedia Digital Book that plays their voice.

One year online storage.

Most precious gift we can share is the stories of our lives

Ensure your voice, values, and life lessons are never lost!

As I look through my newly completed memory book, it makes me smile. It reminds ME once again of the events of my past that I’ve taken joy in. The book’s presentation is as good as I had hoped ! I think this type of collection of stories would be a wonderful source of memories for so many people as they reach a certain stage in their lives.


Thanks again for the masterful layout of the book, and your assistance at every step of the project. It is truly my Legacy for our grandchildren to remember their “Papa Bill”.


It's easy and fun to reminiscence

Remote Interview – $580    or    Onsite Interview – $890 plus travel cost

About the Voices Carry VIDEO MEMOIR

Through interviews with a certified StoryKeeper, you or your loved one can tell the story behind family photos, keepsakes, heirlooms, and more.

Your Video Memoir™ is a professionally produced and edited video memoir that captures your emotion, unique dialect, and voice.  It can also be a tribute to a loved one.

This is the most effective method to preserve your wisdom, life lessons, and personality for future generations.

Brooke tribute to Marian and support of First Tee

A Voices Carry Video Memoir™ is a great opportunity to remember the special moments in your life, or the life of a loved one, and feel a renewed sense of purpose.

It’s easy to tell a story about a photo or heirloom that has special meaning. It also gives your family a way to remember precious stories as told by the person who lived them, or by someone who was close to them.

A Voices Carry StoryKeeper can conduct the interview remotely via zoom or come to your location.

You would choose 5 to 15 photos and share brief stories about these pictures. We will prepare you for the interview.
The result is a highly treasured video that preserves your family legacy and, in a very real way, carries your voice on to future generations.
You deserve to be a star with lights, camera, and action. You can share the costs of a Voices Carry Video Memoir with others in your family to make this an affordable, yet priceless family history.

There’s nothing like video to capture your life lessons and pass them on to future generations.


I had a good time and a fun experience getting the old photos out, going through the process of exploring family memories. Now, I have a record of our heritage. I hope this record will continue into the future for children not even born yet, who would have never met Great Grandpa and Grandma and all those relatives or even me.


Share your Stories forever

Remote Interview – $1500    or    Onsite Interview – $1890 plus travel cost


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