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What is a Family Legacy?

A family legacy is a brief document or recording that answers: who they are, where they came from, how they got here, and importantly, what they stand for.

In the era of fragmented families, we can establish strong bonds by having a Legacy Talk with our elders.

The brevity of the Legacy for My Family guide makes it easy for your storyteller to share your family narrative.

This enlightening experience of answering 7 legacy questions makes future generations stronger by knowing their unique heritage.

Asking your family storyteller about their lives provides a valuable sense of identity.  It is an emotional anchor.

It's their VOICE we miss the most!

Wait=Procrastinate=TOO LATE!!

You’ve been meaning to talk to Grammie ever since Grampa died…or….if you don’t do it there’s nobody else who will…or….you don’t have time any more than anyone else…but…

You can take the stress out of the whole thing with a time commitment of no more than an hour or so…..if you can stop the flow.

With just these 7 ESSENTIAL interview questions you’ll have a legacy talk that’s fun, purposeful, grateful, meaningful, valuable, engaging, surprising, and learn more than you ever imagined.  

Your Family’s Future Well-being Depends On You!

Professors Marshall Duke and Robyn Fivush of Emory University asked 48 families 20 questions about their family history. They found  the more the children knew, they had:

  • Stronger sense of control over their lives
  • Higher self-esteem
  • Less anxiety, and
  • Fewer emotional difficulties. 

“Hearing these stories gave the children a sense of their history and a strong ‘intergenerational self’. 

Even if they were only nine, their identity stretched back 100 years, giving them connection, strength, and resilience.” (Dr. Duke)

Legacy For My Family Guide Features

7 simple open-ended questions that elicit the ‘legacy stories’ that matter most.

How to prepare for the interview in-person or by phone or Zoom. 

How to optionally record their voice responses to save and share. 

Who Created The ‘Legacy For My Family’ Guide?

Chuck Napier, CEO

Welcome home!! A little about us.

‘Voices Carry’ is a subsidiary of LegacyStories with a mission to preserve the greatest body of wisdom in history, that of our elders, before it is lost to procrastination.

Established in 2005, our family legacy tools have been used in 800+ hospices and countless senior living, veterans and faith communities across America, Canada, and the world.

With 20 years of trial and error R&D, the ‘Legacy For My Family’ guide is our breakthrough free tool that makes it easy to learn the most important life lessons of a family storyteller in a brief engaging interview. 

No more excuses. Everyone can allocate time, whether in person or over the phone to show how much you care about your loved one’s values and life lessons. 

There are no words…

What's at Stake?

Wait=Procrastinate=TOO LATE!

The greatest body of wisdom in history is being taken to the grave as our family storytellers pass away.

Our children are losing their values and identity to the only family members who can share the family narrative…their elders.

GenX/Millennial/GenZ family members have little time to squyeeze another project into their busy lives. Yet, they are the most curious to learn about their elder’s past. Something’s gotta give!

It’s for this reason my team and I created the FREE ‘Legacy For My Family Guide‘. Answering these seven interview questions will become the family’s greatest asset for generations to come…..thanks to you!!

Legacy For My Family Guide