Give The gift of legacy

Before It's Too Late 

What is a Family Legacy?

A family legacy is a brief document or recording that answers; ‘who they are, where they came from, how they got here, and importantly, what they stand for.’

The brevity of the Legacy for My Family guide makes it easy and engaging to capture and share the family narrative.

This simple exercise of answering only 7 legacy questions makes successive generations stronger by knowing their unique heritage and your voice.

Recording your values and family history provides a valuable identity.  It is an emotional anchor when inevitable social crises occur.

It’s the voice we miss the most

Who is the elder in your family that knows the prior generations and what the family endured long ago?

If you wait to ask them about the family legacy, it may be too late.  Pause your usual routine for a few minutes to ask them about your family legacy…right now! 

Your Family’s Future Depends On You!

Professors Marshall Duke and Robyn Fivush of Emory University asked 48 families 20 questions about their family history. They found  the more the children knew, the:

  • Stronger sense of control over their lives
  • Higher self-esteem
  • Less anxiety, and
  • Fewer emotional difficulties. 

“Hearing these stories gave the children a sense of their history and a strong ‘intergenerational self’. Even if they were only nine, their identity stretched back 100 years, giving them connection, strength and resilience.” (Dr. Duke)

Your Legacy For My Family guide includes:

7 thoughtful questions that elicit 'legacy stories' that matter

How to prepare for the interview or self-interview

How to optionally record their voice responses in a secure, online account

What makes your family special

Hearing stories, maybe for the first time, that your family will treasure

Who Created The ‘Legacy For My Family’ Experience?

‘Voices Carry’ is a subsidiary of LegacyStories,llc with a  mission to preserve the wisdom and life lessons of family elders.

Established in 2005, our family legacy services have been used in 800+ hospices and countless senior living, veterans and faith communities across America, Canada, and the world.

With 20 years of trial and error R&D, the ‘Legacy For My Family’ guide is our breakthrough free tool that makes it easy for families to preserve their legacy before the stories are gone forever.

Too Busy? No Excuse Now!

The greatest body of wisdom in history is being taken to the grave as our grandparents pass away each day.

Our grandchildren are losing their sense of place and identity to the only family members who can share the family narrative…their grandparents!!

Problem: GenX /Millennial/GenZ grandchildren have less and less time to squeeze another project into their busy lives.  Yet, they are the most curious to learn about their elders’ past. Something’s got to give!

Solution: To address the obstacle of time and procrastination we created the FREE ‘Legacy For My Family’ guide, designed to be brief but potent in it’s content.  Answering these seven questions could be the best investment in your family’s most valuable asset, their Legacy.

Legacy For My Family Guide