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Legacy For My Family

What is ‘Legacy For My Family’?

Legacy For My Family‘ is a brief document or recording that answers; ‘who they are, where they came from, how they got here, and importantly, what they stand for.’

The brevity of the ‘Legacy For My Family‘ experience is brief yet captures a basic, priceless family narrative. 

Designed to mitigate procrastination and time constraints, this eye-opening exercise of answering only 7 legacy questions makes successive generations stronger by virtue of greater continuity of their unique heritage, culture and traditions.

The benefits to the family, and their offspring specifically, is to provide an individual identity that is unique, and gives them an emotional anchor when inevitable social crises occur. 

It’s the Voice We Miss the most!

Grandmothers Rock!!!

Did you know that since the earliest days of mankind it has aways been the family matriarch who made sure the family story was transferred down through the ages?

Yet, it’s the patriarch that most family members believe has this important responsibility. Not that he isn’t important to the family narrative but Gramma was witness to daily life and can recall almost everything when asked.

For that reason we highly recommend asking the family matriarch the 7 legacy questions first. The most important thing is to start asking….right now! 

Your Family’s Future Depends On You!

Professors Marshall Duke and Robyn Fivush of Emory University asked 48 families 20 questions about their family history. They found that the more the children knew, the

  • stronger their sense of control over their lives
  • higher their self-esteem
  • more successfully they believed their families functioned.

“Hearing these stories gave the children a sense of their history and a strong ‘intergenerational self’. Even if they were only nine, their identity stretched back 100 years, giving them connection, strength and resilience.” (Dr. Duke)

Your 'For My Family Legacy' Guide Includes

7 simple questions that elicit 'legacy stories' that matter.

How to prepare for the interview or self-interview.

'Fill-in-the-fields' interactive pdf document.

How to use voice-to-text to fill in the fields to save time.

How to record the interview or self-interview.

Interview techniques that elicit the most compelling responses.

Who Created The ‘Legacy For My Family’ Guide?

‘Voices Carry’ is a subsidiary of LegacyStories,llc and the Living Legacy Project, all with a global mission to collect and preserve the wisdom and life lessons of family elders in all races, colors and creeds.

Established in 2005, our story collection tools have been used in 800+ hospices and countless senior living, veterans and faith communities across America, Canada, Europe, India and Africa!

Now, with 20 years of trial and error R&D, the ‘For My Family Legacy’ guide is our new breakthrough tool that makes it easier than ever for families to ‘act now’ before the hourglass of life runs out!!

Too Busy? No Excuse Now!

The greatest body of wisdom in history is being taken to the grave as our grandparents pass away each day.

Our grandchildren are losing their sense of place and identity to the only family members who can share the family narrative…their grandparents!!

Problem: GenX /Millennial/GenZ grandchildren have less and less time to squeeze another project into their busy lives.  Yet, they are the most curious to learn about their elders’ past. Something’s got to give!

Solution: To address the obstacle of time and procrastination we created the FREE ‘For My Family Legacy’ Guide, designed to be brief but potent in it’s content. 7 questions for the experience of a lifetime and the best investment in your family’s most valuable asset!