Inspirational testimonial videos that bring value to NonProfits and their Supporters

Engage Your Donors

Nonprofits seek to engage with their donors in a personal relationship that offers value and impact.  Your donors, particularly your major donors, should be enthusiastic brand ambassadors who recruit new donors and convert one-time donors to consistent supporters.

This is even more challenging with millennials who prefer digital communications. The most effective and efficient way of leveraging brand ambassadors is to provide inspirational videos.

Video Testimonials are Effective

Video testimonials generate trust and credibility.

Major donors are authentic spokespersons who can share their passion for your organization.


The percentage of consumers who say testimonials create more trust with an organization is...
The percentage of marketers that say video testimonials are the most effective content marketing tactic is...
The percentage of buyers, who read positive customer content, and claim it influenced their purchasing decisions is...
The percentage of consumers that evaluate online testimonials/reviews before making a purchase or donation is...

VOICES CARRY videos are invaluable to Nonprofits and their Donors

Inspiration Videos provide passionate testimonials from donors that can improve online fundraising.

Inspiration Videos could be posted on the fundraising website, released in newsletters, and shared on your community platform.

57% of people who watch a fundraising video decide to make a donation.

Promote your donors as heroes. 

Donor testimonials are the most effective message for increasing bequests.  Based on study of 40 national nonprofits. 

Memoir Videos are a treasured gift to the families of major donors

Memoir Videos are personal memoir videos that  preserve a donor’s legacy for future generations and provide a treasured gift to their families. The videos can also serve as a tribute to a deceased supporter.
These are professionally produced life stories that preserve the values, wisdom, and unique voice of your supporter.

Our turnkey package:

  • Interview preparation ensures the client is comfortable and ready.
  • trained StoryKeeper Interviewer, experienced in biographical interviews.
  • professional videographer with expertise in lighting, sound and editing for the highest-quality video production.
  • A rough draft offering an opportunity for suggested revisions prior to completion of the final version.
  • digital copy of your video/s on a thumb drive for unlimited sharing to friends, family and the public.
  • Secure cloud storage and distribution of your video/s on AWS cloud servers for one year.

You're in good hands

VOICES CARRY are experts in producing professional video testimonials and interviewing donors about their legacy.

Our videos are well-produced, high-quality and creative.


What is an...

Inspiration video?

It’s a professionally produced interview video with donors of charitable organizations to obtain a very believable testimonial on why they support your organization.    

These videos are highly effective for recruiting new donors and increasing donations from existing sponsors.  

Our Inspiration Videos include a call to action that motivates viewers to stay involved or make a donation.

What is a...

Memoir Video?

It’s a professionally produced video of the nonprofit donor to preserve their unique voice, wisdom and values providing a treasured gift to donors making them feel appreciated and valued!

Your special donors deserve to be a star in their Memoir Video for their family and friends. In this way the donor’s legacy is established forever and their values are passed on to future generations.


have five objectives

  1. Leverage a marketing testimonial to enhance your online giving.
  2. Produce a legacy memoir video as a gift to the donor and their family.
  3. Bring credibility to the donor’s testimonial to hear their voice and see their face.
  4. Demonstrate value provided to your major supporters.
  5. Recruit new donors and convert one-time donors to be consistent supporters.

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On-Site travel expenses billed separately


On-Site travel expenses billed separately

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